Federation of Asian Perfusion Societies

Mission of FAPS


On September 22nd 2007, with the agreement among societies of extracorporeal circulation technology in China, Singapore,India,Philippine,Japan and South Korea. The Federation of Asian Perfusion Societies(FAPS) was found in the 7th Asian Conference on Extracorporeal Circulation held by Chinese Society of Extracorporeal Circulation(ChSECC) in Beijing, China.

FAPS was established aim to create an international platform for the exchange of knowledge in regard to promote the science and practice of extracorporeal circulation technology, as well as to facilitate the exchange of ideas in the field of extracorporeal circulation through scientific meetings and personal contacts  between cardiovascular specialists. 


Constitution of FAPS

1 Membership

             FAPS will consist of formal members, executive members who represent national perfusion society in the Asian region, President of the Federation and Secretary–General. The Federation secretary office will be permanently based in the office of Chinese Society of Extracorporeal Circulation in Beijing, China. The formal members are required to complete application forms and will be approved and notified in writing by the Federation secretary office.


2 Executive Member

                 Each country can nominate two delegates as the executive member who will be approved and accepted in writing by the Federation secretary office. Executive member committees shall be able to vote for the country where the next Federation conference will take place every four years.


3 President of FAPS

                 The President of the society of the next conference country will assume the Presidency of FAPS for subsequent four years session. The president will organize and preside at the scientific conference in his/her country. The president has the responsibility to obtain financial support for FAPS.


4 Secretary General

           The president for each 4-year session will assign his/her Secretary-General. The secretary-general will assist the president and keep close contact with the Federation secretary office. The secretary-general and Federation secretary will provide membership registration and management, keep accurate record of all the business and activities of FAPS, organize executive member’s committee periodic meetings.


5 Meetings

                 FAPS will organize a scientific conference every four years. The hosting city of the scientific meeting will be voted by the executive member committee. The general assembly of executive members will be held every four years. The official language of the conference will be English.


History of Collaborations


          Establishment of FAPS was based on the cooperation and collaboration of Asian Countries in the field of Extracorporeal Circulation clinical work. There were seven conferences has been performed in the past years. Location, time and host country are shown as following list:


1st Asian Conference on ECT:

2nd Asian Conference on ECT:

3rd Asian Conference on ECT:

4th Asian Conference on ECT:

5th Asian Conference on ECT:

6th Asian Conference on ECT: Beijing, September 2003, China

7th Asian Conference on ECT: Beijing, September 2007, China




Presidents of FAPS

1st President:  Mr. Goh Si Guim(Singapore)

2nd  President:  Mr. Shigeru Minami (Japan)

3rd  President:  Dr. Hei Feilong (China)

4th President: Mr. Pinto R Simon (India)



Members of FAPS


        Indian Society of Extracorporeal technology (ISECT)

        Chinese Society of Extracorporeal Circulaiton of Medicine (ChSECC)

        Singapore Society of Extracorporeal Technology (SSECT)

        Philippine Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons (PATCS)

        Korea Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Sugery (KSTCS)

       Japanese Society of Extracorporeal Technology (JaSECT)

       Indonesian Perfusion Association (IPA)